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About Us

How many of you have gone to buy a card for a family member or friend and really dreaded the idea of having to buy some "sappy" card when what you really want is something funny?

That was the philosophy behind the development of Comstock back in 1986 when they brought out their first release of cards. Comstock was then known as Territorial Enterprise. Over the past 30 years, Comstock has evolved into being one of the best Adult Humor Greeting Card Companies in the industry - offering a wide range of products - greetings cards to games and giftbags to invitations - lines from the original Comstock and Krack Ups to Naughty Nudes (tri-fold nudes) and BoyTown News - our gay line - we have something for every customer.

Here is a little history about us. Comstock started with only photographic cards in the line. However in 1992, they released their first 80 designs of a new line called Krack Ups. The tremendous success of the Krack Ups line has helped make us what and who we are today - one of the largest & best selling Adult Humor greeting card companies in our industry. Our lines feature the middle-of-the road outrageous to risque humor cards - everyday and seasonal, coupon books, giftbags, invitations, and notepads. To date, Comstock has many of our original photographic, Krack Ups, West Graphics, Groovin Grannies (old ladies complaing about life& such) and Bananas & Cream (naughty) cards still in the line. We have recently expanded the Comstock line with some very hot & sexy cards with more on the horizon. Naughty Nudes features tri-fold nudes and BoyTown News is our the premier gay line in the cartoon/adult industry.

Comstock is sold mostly in specialty and "mom & pop" stores, however they are in over 600 Spencers Gifts stores throughout the United States and Canada. For a listing of some of our bigger outlets, click HERE (coming soon). With over 400 card designs in almost all categories and seasons, Comstock and Krack Ups is sure to have a good mix of merchandise to fit into any store.

Comstock's outlook for the future is that they continue to give the customer what they want - new merchandise on a regular basis; good customer service; new and different products to choose from and ready availability. Comstock is also proud of the distribution structure - through their sales associates, distributors and, on the world wide web with a brand new store - ComstockMarketPlace. Their goal is to continue to strengthen what they already have and expand their outlook to meet the needs of the customer.

For a copy of a Comstock's newest catalog, click HERE; give them a call at (800) 326-7825 or fax Comstock toll-free - (866) 224-9925.

ComstockMarketPlace will soon be found on Facebook and Pinterest where they will share announcements, weekly tidbits and ask customers for opinions on various topics each month. Check them out and make sure to "LIKE" them on Facebook and "FOLLOW" them on Pinterest for bonus coupons.