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Comstock - Close for Vacation/End of Year Inventory - Monday 04 December, 2017
Comstock will be "CLOSED" from December 21 - January 6, 2019. CMP is starting a new trend and allowing their employees to take vacations during the holidays of Christmas & New Years. This is also a 'quiet' time between the two holidays.

We will be in and out on some of the days (Dec 26 - Dec 29) as we will also be doing inventory, updating our website, our accounting software, phone and internet provider.

Our website will still be available for online ordering as well as our email for any questions you may have. Those will be checked on a daily basis.

We will you all a very Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas & New Year! We look forward to 2019 - with new products and opportunities!
CMP - Quick Christmas Packs Are HERE! - Tuesday 01 November, 2016
Quick Christmas Packages are Here!

Now that the Holiday season has kicked into full gear now that Thanksgiving is over, we know that many do not have the time to sit down at the computer and choose Christmas cards. So, let us do it for you!

Comstock will send you our BEST SELLERS, including new styles from 2018 for Christmas! All YOU have to do is CHOOSE the package!

Since all of our designs are 100% Guaranteed, you can return them after the holidays for Valentines and then Everyday!

So, choose a package and just say SEND THIS ONE!

All packages are sent USPS Priority!

Thank you for being such GREAT Comstock customers!