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Inventory Blowout - Gift Bags & Coupon Books - Wednesday 26 December, 2018
CMP will soon no longer be offering gift bags and coupon books in their mix of products and will focus more on cards which is our "Specialty" for more than 30+ years!

In order to make space for all the new inventory, we are having a GIFT BAGS and COUPON BOOKS!

ALL Gift Bags & Coupon Books are .50/cents each - regardless to size! Quantities vary - most are 10 - 20 or less; others we have 100's - so order what you want and we will ship ALL AVAILABLE up to your choice.

This special is a CREDIT CARD ONLY payments (simply because of the low, low cost). If you are buying or want a high volume and want different terms, email us and we will see what we can do (established customers only).

CMP is on a mini hiatus, so are being monitored every few hours. First Come, First Sold!